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SATRA STD 112 Adhesion of finish tester

Category: Adhesion

Poor adhesion of the finish of an upper material can give rise to flaking or peeling in the shoe factory or in wear. Measurement of the actual strength of the adhesion is therefore important and the SATRA adhesion of finish tester enables this to be done reliably and simply. It has been adopted by the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists (Method SLF 11) and the method has been recommended by the British Standards Institution as suitable for footwear materials in the introduction to BS 5 Read more »

SATRA STD 185 Sole adhesion tester

Category: Adhesion

This well-proven instrument is designed to measure the strength of the adhesion of stuck-on and moulded soles at the toe and heel of finished footwear in the shoe factory, but is equally useful in the testing laboratory. Read more »

SATRA STM 124 Laboratory press for adhesive joints

Category: Adhesion

The laboratory press was developed to aid the preparation of standard test pieces for adhesive testing, for example when using peel tests in conjunction with the SATRA tensile tester STM 566. Read more »