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STD 422 Crockmeter

Category: Color Fastness Test

This test is designed for determining the degree of colour which may be transferred from the surface of coloured materials to other surfaces by rubbing. The machine takes its name from the term 'crocking' meaning the transfer of colouring matter or other substances from the test sample to a wet or dry cloth rubbed against it. Read more »

STM 421 Rub fastness tester

Category: Color Fastness Test

This machine is designed to carry out a rub fastness test on the surface of leather to determine the amount of ‘marring’ of the leather surface or the finish and to assess the amount of colour transfer from the sample to the rubbing pad. Read more »

STM 462 Circular rub fastness tester

Category: Color Fastness Test

This machine determines the fastness of the finish of a leather upper, leather lining, synthetic upper or lining and fibreboard. Rubbing can be carried out in dry or wet conditions. The latter can be water, solvents in shoe polish, or toe puff (box toe) solvents applied to the back of the material. Read more »