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SATRA STD 155 Heel impact tester

Category: Heel/Impact/Safety Footwear

This device is used for determining the resistance of heels to sudden impact loads in wear caused by abnormal stresses. STD 155 has been extensively used for heel development and quality control. Read more »

SATRA STD 156 Heel fatigue tester

Category: Heel/Impact/Safety Footwear

Some high heels are prone to fatigue under the repeated small deformations produced by each step in walking. This machine is designed to check the fatigue resistance of such heels by subjecting them to continuous small impacts which produce similar deformations to those of wear. It is now a well established and valuable test. Read more »

SATRA STM 609 Safety footwear impact tester

Category: Heel/Impact/Safety Footwear

This equipment can be used for a variety of impact (drop) tests with the appropriate anvils and strikers. It is ideal for testing to safety footwear standards and meets the full requirements of the latest revisions to a number of standards. Read more »