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SATRA STD 226 Digital durometer

SATRA supplies a unique range of hand-held and bench-mounted durometers for measuring the hardness of rubber and plastic materials. Manufactured at our own headquarters, the range of durometers has a patented interchangeable module allowing the complete range of Shore hardness scales to be measured on one instrument. Each module supplied with the instrument is calibrated to the instrument head, making the complete device ideal for checking incoming material hardness either on site or at the supplierʼs premises.


A digital durometer with interchangeable modules which can be chosen from the selection below. Choice of module(s) will depend upon the type (softness) of material being tested.


  • Resolution – half of one degree Shore hardness scale
  • Easy to use – hand held
  • Sturdy, accurate and reliable
  • Has a BCD output facility
  • Uses 1 x SR44 flat battery
  • Multiple Modules with the same instrument head
  • Shirt pocket size for easy carrying
  • Dimensions – 135 x 38 x 23mm
  • Weight – 220g
  • Supplied in convenient storage/protective case
  • Shore A Scale SATRA TM205, ASTM D 2240, ISO 7619 & 868, DIN 53505
  • Shore B Scale ASTM D 2240
  • Shore C Scale ASTM D 2240
  • Shore D Scale ASTM D 2240, ISO 7619 & 868, DIN 53505
  • Shore DO Scale ASTM D 2240
  • Shore O Scale ASTM D 2240
Each Durometer sold comes with its own calibration certificate pertaining to the relevant module. SATRA Technology Centre also undertakes a recalibration programme.