Upper closing

Upper preparation and closing

A Preparation and Closing department that is well-equipped and balanced , will ensure an efficient production flow and a constant good quality of production.

  • Arm-type sewing machine for binding and profiling
  • Cement spraying machine for vamps to join uppers, lining and toe puffs
  • Distribution belt
  • Flat-bed sewing machine, 1 or 2 needles
  • Glazing and embossing
  • Hook, rings, vis attaching machine
  • Loose upper lining trimming machine
  • Machine to sew moccasin
  • Mechanical conveyor
  • Perforating and Eyeleting machine
  • Perforating machine to make shoe lace holes
  • Post sewing machine, 1 or 2 needles
  • Rivetting machine
  • Seam beating/hammering machine
  • Seam pressing and taping machine
  • Stamping machine for linings/uppers
  • Strobel stitching machine
  • Thermoadesive toe puff attaching machine
  • Thermocementing and folding machine with reinforcing tape
  • Upper Leather splitting machine
  • Upper reinforcing
  • Upper Skiving machine
  • Vamp crimping machine
  • Zig-zag sewing machine
  • Mocassin ironing machine
  • Toe forming machine